Holiday Fit Tips

Susan Curry

Posted on November 21 2017

Holiday Fit Tips

Tips to stay fit over the holidays

1. Make a list and check it twice

Writing something down is the best way you can make your brain retain an idea or thought, and in doing so you’re more likely to complete the task. Make a list of not only your errands that need done, but also list your work out times, food goals, and whatever else you have a goal of accomplishing. So make that list, and don’t forget to check it!

2. Get up and get moving

The Holidays always make it a bit hard to get moving and the “itis” sets in after the carb overload from the turkey celebrations and a sense of just relaxation seeps in! During this time of slumber although sleep is necessary, remember to get those legs moving and get up at least every hour and take a brisk walk or activity that gets your blood flowing.

3. Eat frequent, small meals, don’t skip breakfast!

Eating smaller, but frequent meals can help increase your metabolism and in turn help you burn more calories than you are retaining. Eat frequent small meals and snacks (healthy options) throughout the day and when filling those Thanksgiving plates remember everything in moderation.

4. Increase water intake

Drinking water before meals and getting your 8-10 glasses of water a day will help you feel better and look better. It also might help you eat just a bit less!

5. Have quick healthy snacks on hand

Prepare small healthy snacks ahead of time so when the urge strikes to munch you have healthy quick available options.

Hope these tips help you this holiday season, sometimes it’s the change of small habits that can create the change for greatness. Happy Holidays from Backdrop City.

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