How to make your Vlog stand apart

Susan Curry

Posted on October 18 2017

How to make your Vlog stand apart
With a sea of bloggers on Youtube, podcasts, and other online social media and websites, getting your content lost in the ocean of videos is easy. To draw attention and set oneself apart you must think outside the box and take a different approach to help set yourself and your brand apart from the rest.

One easy way to set yourself apart is using a background that sends a message to your viewers. The background could be reflective of your content and can help integrate your message without saying a word. These visual elements add another form of communication to your Video production. According to building your brand recognition helps build your audience both online and offline.

Including your brand name, logo, sponsors, and social media information on your background helps spread a message to viewers and eliminates the need for you to continuously repeat information which is in print and easily viewable. Including the social media information will help your viewers easily find and locate you social media handles.

Next time when making your video, look at the background and determine what could help increase your brand visibility and help draw attention into your video. At Backdrop City we have backgrounds that can be customized with your logo, social media information, sponsors, and any other information you need on your backdrop. If just needing a simple backdrop for your video we offer a variety of colors and options to meet your needs. We hope this helps you build, grow, and brand your videos. If you have any questions feel free to send us a message.

Below is a great read on how to brand your Youtube videos!

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